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Water is essential to life. Using water resource rationally is of vital importance to human health. Using healthy water is the basic requirement for human survival. With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the situation of the increasing shortage of available freshwater resources cannot be ignored. According to investigation, water used in rural areas such as Yan ‘an is derived from well water, and the well depth is usually within 20 meters, which is still classified as surface water containing more impurities and microorganisms. Combined with the development of surrounding heavy industry, water quality is vulnerable to major impacts. In addition, well water is usually very hard water that might not conducive to long-term drinking. Therefore, how to soften water and meanwhile save water and recycle water is of great practical significance to build a harmonious society between human and water resource. MASSLAB will lead students to make water purifiers suitable for drinking, and reuse waste water that is excluded from the purifiers to realize intelligent irrigation. In addition, students will also need to use solar panels to collect rainwater and power water purifiers and irrigation systems. Finally, combining with all three products, an intelligent purifying and recycling water resource system can be achieved.



Problem to be solved:Improve rural drinking water quality and solve the problem of water shortage


Applicable targetsRural areas such as rural area in Yan’an city


Project procedure

  1. Put forward the problems of shortage of water resources in rural areas and low quality of well and tap water
  2. Thought brainstorming, proposed solutions to the problem of water resource shortage through classroom learning and data search, and proposed solutions to improve water quality, etc
  3. Know about knowledge and methods of water purification, and make a water purifier.
  4. Understand the background of modern agricultural irrigation, and learn about programming, circuits, welding and other knowledge in class and search for information
  5. Make intelligent irrigation system based on the above knowledge
  6. Introduced the concept of sustainable development, understood the new energy such as solar energy, learned the installation and testing of solar panels and batteries in class, and improved the final solar rain collector.
  7. Realize efficient use of water resources by combining solar rain water collector, water purifier and intelligent irrigation system.
  8. Self-evaluation and teacher evaluation
  9. Project report and final product demonstration


The ability that students can acquire

  1. Exercise and improve students’ logical thinking ability and environmental awareness
  2. Master the causes of water pollution and the usual way to purify water
  3. Master 3D printing technology and have independent modeling ability
  4. Master circuit design, be familiar with circuit knowledge and programming knowledge, be able to use software to control hardware,
  5. The use of hardware tools can cope with simple design and processing;
  6. Master welding, circuit, appearance and switch design;
  7. Master energy storage design such as battery;


Monomial skills involved 3D printing and modeling, computer programming, modularization programming, welding, circuit design, simple industrial design

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