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Global Marine Remediation

Instructor: Xavier Wang

Date: Starting from December 2018

(24 classes for 48 hours)

Venue: 303, Sea World Culture and Art Center, Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

How to Apply:Please send student’s name ,age,school and phone code to and specify Global Marine project.


Project introduction

The problem of plastic pollution is worldwide and growing, each year more than 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans.Because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible, when you cast it into the ocean it does not go away. Humans created the problem, but it affects the entire planet. MASSLAB challenges our students to be part of the solution.


For this Project Base Learning (PBL) program, a group of students will be selected to cooperate with MASSLAB researchers who will guide students as they develop methods to remove plastic ocean trash or prevent further plastic pollution.


Course description

MASSLAB has set up a‘Global Marine Remediation’project for marine environmental protection issues. The course includes lectures, lab classes and independent research. Students will learn the knowledge of ocean, land, biosphere and waste disposal systematically, and apply scientific and technological methods to address ocean issues. Students will also learn about the distribution, source and type of marine plastic wastes of the whole world, the decomposition process of different types of garbage pieces, the impact of persistent organic pollutants on the environment and animals.  Then students will design and make a marine wastes treatment model by wood crafting skill, electronic assembly and 3D printing technology.  The marine waste treatment model will be continuously improved and upgraded.  In order to protect the ocean effectively, students will use computer programming, circuit board design and other scientific means to make the final marine waste treatment device, and simulate the commercialization and industrialization for the product.  This course will lead students to experience the whole process from problem research, product research and development, and simulation of final product commercialization in a role of product manager.