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Wildlife is the product of nature and exists in the biological chain. Large-scale destruction of wildlife will cause a series of chain reactions which will also cause serious consequences. Protecting wildlife is not only to protect human beings themselves since there are many precious medicinal values in wildlife, but also is about to keep the balance of ecological nature.

MASSLAB provide PBL Course – Animal protection program that helps students to understand the scientific cognition of wildlife by recognizing wild animal protection work, learning how to use wild animal patrol and protect equipment, creating a wildlife habitat in order to cultivate the students’ love, sense of responsibility and compassion, and arousing the students’ consciousness to protect wildlife.



Problems to be solved: Reduce the threat to wild animals


Applicable targets: Wild animals and stray animals


Project procedure:

1) Introducing animal classification;

2) Explain the living environment of wild animals;

3) Wood craftsmanship courses to increase course understanding;

4) Access to animal protection work and introduce the work content of wildlife rangers;

5) Guide students to germinate and protect wildlife — by creating a suitable living environment;

6) Students design and make nests for wildlife protection;

7) Biological detection data in the nest;

8) Patrol and track data about organisms;

9) Data discussion and analysis;


The ability that students can acquire:

1) Understanding necessary working ability need of wildlife rangers

2) Improve logical reasoning ability and oral expression ability

3) Learn wood technology

4) Product design ability (sketch drawing, 3D modeling, product applicability)

5) Multi-channel data acquisition methods and data processing methods



Minimal skills involved: Paper craft, woodcraft, laser cutting, 3D printing and modeling, computer programming, modularization programming